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#2 Our Homesteading Adventure~


2nd Entry ~ House plans

The land was purchased and so began our hunt for what we would live in.   Should we move an older house on?  Should we buy a manufactured home and move it on?  Should we try to build again?  The number crunching began, and in the end, because we are able and willing to complete 99% of the work ourselves, it made the most sense to try to build.

  Kelly and I are VERY fortunate in that we have similar tastes.  We both enjoy wood...  in fact as we walked through Butchart gardens on Vancouver Island  a few years ago, instead of gazing at flowers, we both stood in awe under the gigantic Redwood and Cedar's and were completely silent in deep admiration.  On previous home builds, the project I looked forward to  most has been cutting and staining cedar.  We have always incorporated some coastal wood into our homes.  
We both prefer simplicity instead of complex or busy..... so this was our starting point.. Wood, and Simple.
And so began our search... 

Our plans were found by speaking with a local Timberframer Wendel, who works in our little town of Black Diamond.  Our paths crossed one day at the Post office.  I asked him if he had any "simple, small plans that he had built in the past" His reply was no, everything he had built was custom and quite large.  But... he did tell me to contact a  company out of Abbotsford, British Columbia called Streamline Designs. It is a  family owned company that designs Timberframe homes.   He personally recommended them.

Now, I need to reverse a little bit and explain that over the years on our "date drives", we have come across some beautiful homes, that have stayed with us.  Mostly, these homes have been in British Columbia, in the Invermere and Windermere areas.  When I arrived home,  I went on to the Streamline Design website, and clicked on a page labeled "Our Award Winning Timberframes".  As soon as the page loaded, there in full colour was our home!!  I think I may have screamed ... I called Kelly over to have a look and Im pretty sure he screamed too..or at least he probably did inside (he might not admit that...).

The plan was simple, with exposed wood timbers! It had been designed for a family friend who was retiring, that wanted a  smaller Timberframe home, but at an affordable price! WA HOOOOO Perfect!

So.. our plans were chosen..We worked with Streamline designs, made a few small changes, and now in our technological world, they were sent to us by email.. !
Now to find someone who had the knowledge and expertise to help put those timbers in place!   We are tempted to call our little ranch "We Know A Guy", because that's pretty much how everything has worked out.. it just so happens that Kelly's new captain at the Firehall is a Timberframer, and has graciously agreed to help us notch and put knee's in our Timbers, and then put the structure up.  (I think thats the correct timber jargon).

Land purchased, Plans picked... now the work begins.

Photo: Our Timber structure.. All rights reserved to Streamline Designs Inc.