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Movin to the Country

There are sights outside of town, that you just don't get to see in town or in the city.  Each time I drive some tools or supplies out to Kelly, I turn off of the highway onto the gravel road that leads to our homestead, and perched up in the tree's along the road I see hawks, eagles or an occassional owl.  In the summer it was mountain blue birds swooping from fence post to tree limb, or a blue heron out wading in the pond.  Of course, when I pull into our laneway, there are always two very excited Labradors hoping that I brought them something to eat.... When the sun has gone down, I step out of my vehicle and look up and I all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS... LOOK AT THAT!  The sky completely changes when there is no light from the earth... It is a true masterpiece! Honestly... it makes you stop in your tracks.. If you had a warm sleeping bag right there, you would want to lay down and just stare at the planets, the formations of stars and of course the magnificent moon!


Have you read "The Long Winter"  by Laura Ingalls Wilder?  Well, one night Kelly and I went up to the house, it was about 10pm and snowing.  The wind had picked up and so he wanted to brace a few things and make sure that everything was secure..  We made sure everything was ok and then headed back out to the truck which was about 20 ft from the door.  We couldn't see the truck!  The snow was whirling and swirling so wildly that you couldn't see a thing!  It was quite an experience!  I remember reading how "Pa" in the book would tie a rope from the back of the house to the barn so that he could find his way back to safety in the blizzard.  We experienced a bit of the Prairie blizzard that night, and what that feels like.. It was very cool..

 When we realized that we had been given the go ahead to persue this dream, in the fall of 2014, we both knew that we wanted to really ENJOY the project.  One of our goals was to have as little stress as possible, and to be able to create uniquness in the home  even if it took more time.   Lastly it was our desire to have it be a solid home..well built, to be enjoyed for generations in the future.  Thanks to God, and very accomodating friends, we have been able to follow through with our ideal plan.  A few months ago we thought we would need to move into the new house unfinished and then finish it while we lived there.  We were graciously given an extension in the home we are currently living in, and we have been offered a cozy home to live in until April if needed, so that we can complete our home and move in upon completion!  And the best part is, we can see our new house from our interim home.  

  I was able to run some of the infloor heat  a few weeks ago.   I enjoyed being up at the new house on my own with the power tools and some Christmas Country songs in the background.   After working at a desk and behind the wheel for the past 10 months, it was fun to run some powertools again..


The only heat that we have at the moment, comes off of the halogen lights that we set up when the sun goes down.  Many layers of clothing, warm gloves, wool socks and a thermos of hot coffee are always at hand.  
 It is only -8 today, so agreeable weather to be outside.  The colour we chose for the tin is called Charcoal Grey.  We decided to use a 24 gauge standing seam Tin, made by Trimet.  The life expectation can be 50+ years, so we shouldn't need to go up on the roof again in our lifetime.   With a 12/12 pitch roof, thats a happy thought..


It won't be long and we should be placing insulation in the roof and the walls. The plumbing inspection should happen this week, and then we will be pouring the basement floor.  


I was having trouble choosing the kitchen cabinets that I wanted, so one day I was talking with my sister Celine on the phone, and I was telling her my dilemma of not knowing which style of kitchen to choose.  As per usual she was a wonderful help to me when she said, "Sarah, you know your Pinterest account?"  And I replied "Yes".  She responded, "Well, you have posted about 23 photo's of the same kitchen on your house ideas board, so you might want to go with that one".  "Oh, your a genious, I responded" (which she is..) and my kitchen cabinet dilemma was solved.. So what was the choice?  French Country... a bit of an Old World meets Rustic Country...

I was told the other day by a local septic guy that we need to #1. Learn to use less toilet paper and #2.  Take shorter showers once we leave town and settle into our rural home.  The shower adjustment will be toughest on our 15 and 17 year old son's.  When they were 12 and 13 we were lucky to talk them into 2 showers a week, now Im pretty sure they have a little sleep in there every morning.. 

With short showers and slower internet, we could be empty nesters in no time!  Haha...

Thanks again for being with us on this journey... Kathleen N. made me promise to update the blog this weekend... so there you go Kathleen.  

Have a wonderful 2016.  Thank you to all of my clients who made 2015 a very successful year for me.  You are not only clients, but have become dear friends.  May God Bless and protect you and yours.. and remember, a smile goes a long way.  Until next time..


1) Brodie, who we call our "sproinger" (airbound) and Briar, Brodies Grandma.
2) Infloor heat, pex and metal reflectors.
3) Kelly, Liam and Dan Hemus putting up the tin roof.
4) Taken from the loft.
5) This is the last side left to put tin on, est. completion Jan 5th.