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It has been 21 years of dreaming, wishing, and now planning.  I married my farm boy Kelly, in 1994.  Since that time, he has been yearning to have some space again, to repair fences, see the storms rolling in, and not see a soul for a while.  

Since moving here in 2001 we have been completely captivated with the landscape of the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  From the sunsets, to the snowed in days... the winding Rivers to the warm chinooks that blow through during the coldest winters, our roots have spread, and I can say we are content here, we are proud to reside here,  our communities have become like family.

In the spring of 2014, Kelly  and I hopped in our truck  and ventured out to explore our area.  We drove by land for sale, acreage homes, and beautiful lookouts where we gazed on horse ranches, Red barns, farmland and eventually  the Snow peaked Rocky Mountains.  On this drive of many, we came across a Realtor sign on a small piece of land just South of town.  The For Sale sign belonged to a good friend of ours.  I can genuinely say as I looked around at the piece of property and its location, I immediatly fell in love with it.  The landscape included wetlands, steep hills, and ponds... I remember thinking, I don't know how a person could build a road here or put a house here, but I was willing to figure it out!   There were ducks and birds everywhere, and no neighbours to be seen!  I recalled reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's Biography.  In her book she described coming across a piece of land for sale that no one wanted.  It was rocky and rugged.  Laura and Almanzo saw what it could eventually be, they purchased it, rolled up their sleeves and created beauty where others saw impossibility.

Since that day, our distant, far fetched dreams are becoming a real chapter in our lives.   Many prayers were spoken since that time, asking for guidance, and many prayers of thanks as well.  We are honoured to take care of this little piece of earth, and hope to share it with some furry friends, human friends and family.

So now in the spring of 2015, we are owners of this rugged, wet and character filled piece of property with some of the most beautiful native grasses and flowers I have ever seen.... 

So, you ask... Sarah, why are you writing a homesteading blog on your Real Estate page?  Well... because it was all set up for a blog, and I always had in mind to write one for this project.  A little extra traffic to my website is also very positive for the Google bots to recognize me, and it is our personal unique Real Estate experience.

I hope you enjoy coming along with us...


Photo:  My dad Peter, on our land looking out over the Ponds