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Some Catching Up To Do

No complaints... at all... but October was a busy month in my new career!  That is why the lull in my blog enteries!  Kelly has come a long way since my last post... and I am very pleased to report the progress.

When I last left you, we had a basement.  Well hold onto your socks, because I am going to catch you up today on the progress.  Where to start?  Our timbers from Oregon arrived back in September  and that was a blissful day as we uncovered the wrapping to find HUGE Douglas Fir timbers.  Yes.. it felt like Christmas.. Our longest timber spans the whole length of our house which is 50 ft, and requires machinery to lift it!  

Kelly's fire captain Doug, brought all of his cool tools and they began sanding, notching, staining and sealing the timbers.  It was a long process, but well worth the wait.  In October we hired a crane to come out to the property and hoist the timber structure into place, and prayed fervently that everything had been measured correctly, as they were lowered into place.  Guess what?  It fit beautifully.  Kelly and Doug's hard work paid off. I must expand on this as before now, I had NO idea how complex, mathematical, and precise timberframing is.  It is an art, not one to be rushed, or taken lightly.  Each notch for each join is done with a hand tool down to an eighth of an inch... My parents came out for the day and enjoyed this moment with us.  I will never forget it...


So, we now have our timberframe structure, walls, a roof, a deck, windows and doors, and plumbing!  We are to lock up stage, which is wonderful, considering that the snowflakes have begun to fall, and the fingers begin to ache in the cold.  
When we purchased our plans, we thought our home would be a small, cabinlike, simple home to hang our hats... Well... it ended up being much taller then we imagined, so tall in fact that you can see it from Cowboy Trail! (Hwy 22). 


No problem hanging an Elk or a Moose head on those walls... Happy husband... 
We are still in disbelief at "our home".  The views are absolutley splendid, and the quiet is rejeuvinating.. I can't wait to light our first fire in our wood buring stove.  I have missed the therapeudic moments of cutting kindling and hearing the first crackle of the wood as it lights up, and begins to spread its warmth.  Not to mention coming home to the smell of the wood stove..   Currently Kelly, along with the help of Dan (our neighbour) and our two boys, Liam and Isaiah are laying all of the pex for infloor heat.. 
Warm feet= happy wife...
Electrical begins this week, the tin is ordered for the roof, our septic plan is drawn up, then comes water and insulating... There are times when we look at the pre built modular homes going down the road, and think.. wow.. that would have been easy... but like the sign on Grandma DeWitt's kitchen cupboard says "If your feeling down, get up and GET TO WORK!" haha.... So I bring Kelly a nice warm mug of coffee,  he tightens his tool belt and keeps going, knowing that the end result will be a well built home to build memories, feed friends and rest...
Until next time...

Merry Christmas to you and yours,